Privacy Policy

Through SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM (from now on, Web Site) no personal data of the users is collected without their knowledge, nor is it given to third parties.

SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM contains links to third party websites, whose privacy policies are alien to the website. By accessing such websites, you can decide whether to accept their privacy policies and cookies.

Collection of Personal Information on this website:

  • SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM always requests the prior consent of the users to obtain and use their personal data for the indicated purposes. Any user has the right to revoke their prior consent at any time.
  • The cases in which this website requires personal data are:
    • To comment on blog posts.
    • To make inquiries through the contact form.
    • To download some kind of free resource.

The Personal Data collected will be, unless otherwise indicated, the name and email address of the web user.

In some cases, information about visitors to this site may be shared anonymously with third parties, such as advertisers, sponsors, or affiliates, for the sole purpose of improving the services that this website offers to its users, and to fund the website. All these processing tasks are carried out according to the regulations in force. At all times, the rights of users regarding data protection will be respected in accordance with the law.

At all times and in any case, the user has full rights over their personal data and the use of them and may exercise them at any time.

Methods of obtaining personal information from this website

This Web uses the following methods to collect personal information:

1) Commentary form: On the web there are forms to send a comment to a certain page of the web. In this form the user is asked for a name and an email address. This data is used only to publish, unpublish and moderate these comments.

2) Contact form: On the web there is a contact form so that any user of the web can send messages, complaints, suggestions or requests to the legal responsible of it. The email address provided in this contact form will be used to respond to messages and to send the information that the user has requested.

3) Cookies: While browsing this website, cookies are stored on the user’s computer. Any user can consult the Cookies Policy document to know how cookies are used and how to disable them.

4) Browsing and IP Address: While browsing this website, the user automatically sends the web server information about his/her IP address, the date and time of access to the website, the operating system and the browser used to access the website. Data regarding the web address from which the user has accessed this website may also be sent. The Spanish Data Protection Agency considers that the IP address is a personal data. SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM at no time use the IP address to identify its users. It will only use and save it to produce statistics of access to the website and to analyze trends in user behavior within SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM .

5) Free download forms of guides in pdf

SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM will never communicate or give these data to third parties, unless required by law or court.

Services offered by third parties on this website

To provide services strictly necessary for the development of its activity, SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM uses the following service providers. Each one of them carries out its activity under its own privacy policy.

The user of this website can find affiliate programs and advertisers that access the browsing habits of users, to establish user profiles and show the user advertising based on their interests and browsing habits. This information is always anonymous and does not identify the user at any time.

  • The owner of this portal, SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM , participates in the Amazon EU Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to offer websites a way to obtain commissions for advertising, advertising and including links to
  • SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM can study the behavior patterns of its visitors to perform audience analysis and adapt as much as possible the content offered on the website to the preferences of its users.
    Any user of the website and any natural or legal person can link from their website to SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM . This action in no case implies any kind of relationship between SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM and the owner of the site or the linked website. Nor does it imply that SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM accepts or approves all or part of the contents or services of the websites that link to it.
  • SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM always reserves the right to prohibit or disable any link to the website SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM .

About the Accuracy and Truthfulness of the Data

  • The user of this website guarantees that the personal data provided through the different forms are accurate and truthful.
    The user of this website guarantees that all the information provided within the website is true and accurate on the day the information is provided.
  • The user of this website is obliged to preserve the accuracy of his/her data and to keep them updated.
  • The user of this website is solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided, and the damages arising from such falsity that may be caused to the website SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM and its legal responsible.

Exercise of ARCO rights

Users of this website have the following rights:

  • See what personal data we store about the user of this website at any time.
  • Request the update or modification of incorrect data stored about the user.

Para ejercitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición de sus datos, un usuarios puede enviar un correo electrónico a la dirección SLIDESFOREDUCATION@GMAIL.COM. Dicha solicitud debe ir acompañada de una prueba de identidad válida en derecho (fotocopia del D.N.I. o documento equivalente).

To exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your data, a user can send an email to the address SLIDESFOREDUCATION@GMAIL.COM. This request must be accompanied by a legally valid proof of identity (photocopy of the ID card or equivalent document).

Acceptance and consent

The user of this website declares that he or she has been informed of the conditions regarding the protection of personal data. The user of this website accepts and consents to the processing of such data by the website SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM, in the manner and for the purposes indicated in the document Aviso Legal of this website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The legal responsible of SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM , reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence as well as to usual practices of the industry. In this case, the changes will be announced on this page in advance of their implementation.

Shipping and Regulation of Commercial Mail

In accordance with the LSSICE, SLIDESFOREDUCATION.COM does not practice SPAM and never sends commercial emails without request or prior consent of the user.

This Privacy Policy has been updated on October 24, 2020.