Formal Templates for free download in Power Point, Google Slides and Keynote


Download all the free formal templates for your Power Point presentations, Google Slides and Keynote, directly from All templates within the category “formal” are fully editable, so you can adapt them to your projects and presentations.

These templates and creative, formal and elegant themes for immediate download have a lot of icons, graphics and text that you can modify, remove and put according to your needs because they are 100% editable. Choose the design of the formal theme you like the most, download it for FREE and adapt it to your needs.

Why use SlidesForEducation themes?

100% free templates

No registration is required to download them. They are 100% free, you just have to choose the one you like best and download it in the format you need: Google Slides, Power Point or Keynote and you can easily adapt them to your needs.

You have a lot of resources and topics to choose from, so that creating your presentation does not cost you money and just a little time. Enjoy designing your power point.

100% Professional Designs

SlidesForEducation templates and themes are designed by experienced designers who have been working for brands and companies for a long time. You will have designs adapted to technological projects, artistic, science, nature, elegant, modern ... and almost any style and for any need.

All themes are designed with the utmost care so that you can adapt them and create epic presentations.

100% editable themes

In SlidesForEducation you have hundreds of themes and templates for your presentations fully editable. The icons, text and photos, can be modified, used, removed and put.

If you need more resources, on the web we have icons, graphics and themes that will help you complete your presentations and take full advantage of them. If you want to create special presentations and leave a mark, choose your theme and download it for free here.

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